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6th February 2024 > > ENS, GoDaddy, & an alleged fantasist.


ENS and GoDaddy start the next internet revolution. Dr. Craig Wright appears to be making a fool of himself again.

Market Snap

Market Wrap

The leveraged children have got out of bed after a long while missing and are building shorts, which is always nice to see.

Other markets are all looking a little directionless even though 10-year USTs have dropped 2.5 points in just a few days. Nothing like a “risk-free” investment to keep your risk manager awake at night.

Curious Cryptos’ Commentary – ENS and GoDaddy

ENS (Ethereum Name Service) is a heroic attempt to make public wallet addresses a little more human-friendly.

Most wallet addresses something look like this:


This is the CC public wallet available for ETH donations, though no-one has done so to date.

After a remarkably short period of time we get used to seeing these long and unintelligible collations of letters and numbers, but that doesn’t stop them from being difficult and awkward to use. A common crypto scam leverages off this very problem, a scam known as address poisoning. The MetaMask help site has a decent enough explanation of this scam.

ENS tries to simplify things with a public address such as:


As an aside, if you are worried about privacy issues, then don’t use the dark web from an ENS named wallet, but you probably know that already.

GoDaddy is the largest internet domain name registry and web hosting business, a topic with which I know some readers have some familiarity with.

ENS and GoDaddy have announced a partnership to link xxx.eth  addresses to traditional Web2 domain names:

With this functionality, you can receive cryptos using your old school domain name. That might not sound interesting to you, but take a moment to listen to Paul Nicks, GoDaddy’s president of domains:

“We’re not just linking domain names to blockchain addresses; we’re creating a bridge between two generations of internet technology. This collaboration ensures that our users can enjoy the best of both worlds with minimal friction.”

Or indeed ENS founder Nick Johnson:

“By removing the technical barriers and cost concerns, we’re opening up a world of possibilities for domain owners to explore the benefits of blockchain technology. This is about more than just linking domain names; it’s about paving the way for a decentralized, user-centric internet”

This is visionary stuff, bringing the complex crypto world to within the realm of normal activities of most of us.

The CC Treasury has long been an investor in ENS’ native token, imaginatively called ENS, which is up 20% in one day on this news.

This is a real-life, real-world, real use case for cryptos that will help to bring all the benefits of decentralisation with few of its downsides to the internet. Naysayers should take note.

Curious Cryptos’ Commentary – Dr. Craig Wright

The man who claims he is BTC creator Satoshi Nakamoto is back in court once more being sued by COPA (Crypto Open Patent Alliance), an organisation backed by Coinbase, MicroStrategy, Jack Dorsey, and others.

COPA’s objective is a simple one:

“The hope is at the end of this case, that when you stand up to a bully, the bully backs down and the bully stops. We're seeking an injunction that's going to preclude Dr. Wright from doing this ever again.”

During a previous case (there have been many court appearances in which Wright was the aggressor) Wright was challenged to move BTC from the wallets that had earned the initial block rewards of 50 BTC whilst Satoshi was the only miner. This would at least prove that he was in possession of the private keys to these wallets and give some credence and substance to his claim of being Satoshi.

His response was ridiculous.

He stated in court that under this pressure to move these legacy Satoshi coins he then deliberately destroyed records of the private keys, as he felt offended by the challenge. Clearly, in some respects, he is in touch with current mores.

His new defence team is doing no better. Counsel Lord Grabiner stated in court:

“It is striking given the public interest and the unlimited resources deployed by COPA in these proceedings that COPA has been unable to point to any direct evidence that Dr. Wright is not Satoshi.”

No-one has yet provided direct evidence that I am not Satoshi Nakamoto.

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