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The Curious Cryptos’ Training Course


Access to our written training course to cryptos is an entirely FREE resource accessible once you register with Curious Cryptos’ Limited. 

We will NEVER use your data for any purpose than to alert you to new training modules or new daily commentaries


Our training course is modular in design (the first four modules are outlined below), and is suitable for all levels of knowledge, just so long as you are a crypto enthusiast, and you are willing to learn.

Our training course is always in development. It is always being improved, and it will always keep up with the latest crypto developments. Each module is broken down into bite-sized elements, which are rarely longer than one side of A4.

It is both philosophical and theoretical, but above all it is practical.

We want to be your guiding hand as you delve into the crypto revolution happening right here, right now.



   What are we trying to do for you?

   Course structure


MODULE 1: Essential Information

   1.1: The philosophy of crypto currencies

   1.2: What do cryptos physically exist as?

   1.3: A word about security

   1.4: Public and private keys – background.  

   1.5: Public and private keys – application to cryptos

   1.6: Bitcoin public addresses 

   1.7: Storage options – hot and cold

   1.8: Wallet types – web, app, Ledger/Trezor

   1.9: Our recommended storage option – Ledger Nano X

   1.10: Brainwallets

   1.11: MetaMask

   1.12: MetaMask and Ledger Nano


MODULE 2: Exchange Hacks and Other Scams

   2.1: Exchange hacks

   2.2: Crypto scams

   2.3: The Dragon’s Den scam

   2.4: The Elon Musk scam

   2.5: The crypto mining scam

   2.6: Trading scams

   2.7: Phishing scams

   2.8: Fraudulent web wallets

   2.9: The Tor scam

   2.10: Scam coins

   2.11: The Compound malicious actor scam

   2.12: Scam airdrops

   2.13: The Stellar Lumens (XLM) scam

   2.14: Scam websites

   2.15: Coronavirus scams

   2.16: The Onecoin scam

   2.17: The social media influencer scam

   2.18: The ridiculous scam

   2.19: The Trezor scam

   2.20: The ETH staking scam

   2.21: The Ukraine scam

MODULE 3: A Practical Guide to Investing in Crypto Currencies

   3.1: How much should you invest and what you should invest in

   3.2: Role and function of crypto exchanges

   3.3: Two factor authentication (TFA) for exchanges

   3.4: How to buy BTC and ETH – Background

   3.5: How to buy BTC and ETH – Coinbase

   3.6: How to buy BTC and ETH - Coinbase Pro

   3.7: How to buy BTC and ETH – Binance

   3.8: How to buy BTC and ETH - other options

   3.9: Exchanges which we know are legit

   3.10: Exchanges we recommend you avoid

   3.11: Exchanges we believe to be scams

   3.12: Dollar cost averaging (DCA)


MODULE 4: Blockchain Technology

   4.1: The basic idea of blocks

   4.2: Cryptography

   4.3: Public/private key encryption

   4.4: Proof of ownership of BTC

   4.5: Linking the blocks

   4.6: Competing chains

   4.7: Hashrate



** More modules to come **

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