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5th November 2023 > > Memes & scammers.


Memes and scammers. Both of which describe the BBC.

Market Snap

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Gosh, we are so on our way.

Occasional Series – the BBC

The BBC is an extraordinary organisation in so many ways.

I stopped paying the BBC tax many, many years ago but I understand why others may feel coerced into doing so. I get weekly letters threatening me with court action and a prison sentence.

What is strange is that no matter how many times I accede to the BBC’s demand to call them to arrange a visit from an enforcement officer, no-one ever turns up, which is a touch annoying. It denies me the opportunity to tell the enforcement officer he has no legal right to enter my property. It is possible that if one of those officers did turn up on my doorstep, I might express that sentiment in a rather more forceful manner which cannot be detailed in a family-friendly publication such as the CCC.

Now that we have found out that nearly 50% of the annual BBC (voluntary) tax goes to the gold-plated pension fund for highly paid individuals (Gary Lineker probably does not need his but we know he will take it anyway) rather than creating content, are you still happy paying for a product you rarely never use?

Curious Cryptos’ Commentary – Memecoins are so over

Yesterday the CCC called the end of memecoins with the launch of one called MEME. But there are those in the crypto industry who are always ready to take it to the next level, however ludicrous that level might be.

HTX have now launched MEME perpetual futures:

Are you kidding me? Am I Wonko the Sane? Does everyone else live in the Asylum?

Dearie, dearie, me.

Curious Cryptos’ Commentary – Bankman-Fried for the very last time

This shyster is “very disappointed with the result (of the jury’s decision)”.


Curious Cryptos’ Commentary – Bitfinex hack

Centralised cryptocurrency exchanges inhabit an odd world.

On-ramping into crypto is difficult, though not impossible, without them. But they betray the ethos of a trustless system, a concept that many do not fully understand.

Almost all these exchanges – Coinbase excepted – straddle the centralised and decentralised worlds in ways that should not be acceptable to investors.

The EU has addressed this issue. The US may soon do the same. Meanwhile, wholesale crypto adoption is hampered and hindered by the recurrent problems we see through incomplete, lax, or absence of, regulation of crypto exchanges.

Bitfinex is just the latest example of this failure of the centralised world to get to grips with accommodating the decentralised world.

I cannot repeat this often enough.

Do not leave more than five to ten percent of your crypto assets on an exchange. Get a Ledger Nano (preferably an X) until we have a better solution.

If any readers need any help and guidance on the topic of self-custody, the CC team is always available to help. We are at your service. Just ask.

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