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29th May 2022 > > Airdrops.


The Curious Cryptos’ Airdrop Circular is back by popular demand.

Market Snap (at time of writing)

Market Wrap

The CCC missed a day and crypto prices are unchanged in that 48-hour period. That must surely be a first.

Curious Cryptos’ Commentary – Airdrops, a brief introduction

Airdrops are a marketing tool for new or existing crypto products and coins with the aim of introducing that product or coin to a new and wider audience.

The basic idea is that you will receive an airdrop of cryptos into your wallet in exchange for performing some tasks. At a minimum these tasks usually include providing registration details to sign up to the project or coin. They often require linking your social media accounts (especially Telegram and Twitter) and sometimes require you to retweet a marketing message. They might also require you to download and set up a specific hot wallet or they might require you to complete other tasks.

Sometimes, you just get airdrops for doing nothing.

It is not possible to be fully descriptive about airdrops as their form and function is limited only by one’s imagination, and of course there are many scams out there, as there is with all crypto activities.

For a long time now, I have been getting involved with airdrops on a very selective basis. I operate with some very clear rules to adhere to in determining which airdrops to get involved with, and which ones to give a wide berth to.

I also recommend setting up separate social media accounts solely for the purpose of connecting with airdrops.

Over the years, my total value of airdrops is currently around £9k, though £4k of that did come from one specific instance. This is not a life-changing sum of money, but if you believe like me that the crypto market cap is set for an increase of between 10-100x, then it starts to look very interesting.

At the very least, airdrops provide a relatively risk-free and low cost entry to learn more about cryptos.

Curious Cryptos’ Commentary – Back by popular demand, Curious Cryptos’ Airdrop Circular

Way back in time the CCC team started production of the Curious Cryptos’ Airdrop Circular, which has since fallen into disuse. I have had requests to reinstate it, but annoyingly, sometimes life gets in the way of all things crypto. Prompted by an email yesterday reminding me of an old airdrop that is worth a total of $50 right now (that’s lunch sorted) I am resolved to restart this initiative.

This sister publication will be written on an occasional basis as and when potentially interesting opportunities arise.

It will provide all the information you need to participate in our recommended airdrops, as well as updates on previous recommendations, including the exact time I take the free cash.

I make no promises about the amount of free cash available.

Airdrops – and before that, hard forks – have in some instances been relatively lucrative, returning hundreds or even thousands of pounds, which if exchanged for BTC or ETH, will be potentially worth multiples of those amounts. But these opportunities are rare indeed, and I probably miss a lot of them.

But perhaps the real benefit of airdrops is their educational value. They demonstrate the very broad range of possibilities opened up by cryptos, and they allow involvement in cryptos with virtually no downside. If I am right, and this technology does change the world far more than the internet and email have done, then gaining familiarity with no cost apart from your time will one day be of immense use to you.

Rules of Engagement

My first point of reference is whether the airdrop requires anything more than just linking social media accounts. If it requires, for example, retweeting a marketing message, I immediately exclude it from my list of potential airdrops. I am sure I will miss some free money this way, but I will not compromise on this point. Unfortunately, the number of airdrops with this requirement increases daily.

My second point of reference is the utility of the airdrop – is this a project which has some legs? If not, I exclude it immediately.

My third point of reference is whether the airdrop is a guaranteed amount or if it is dependent on some other factor e.g. a prize draw type pay-out, or perhaps activity if the project being advertised requires a minimum amount of trading activity on an exchange. Any element of variability leads to automatic exclusion.

Finally, if anything looks remotely dodgy, I exclude it immediately.

These are quite draconian restrictions which mean that the number of airdrops I get involved in is very limited. But I believe that leads to a higher quality of airdrop, reduces the possibility of being scammed or defrauded, and leads ultimately to a higher free cash pay-out for your time.

Publication Schedule

As and when required, but you do need to sign up to this mailing list separately. It is available on request, but only on request. Even though each of you is a valued member of the Curious Cryptos’ Community, you must proactively engage by letting me know that you want to receive this information. The date of the first publication is currently unknown, but I hope it will be soon.

If you did previously subscribe, you will still be on the list.

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