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28th October 2022 > > Airdrops


Curious Cryptos’ Airdrop Circular (CCAC) and our first free money.

Market Snap

Market Wrap

With such a stunning rally at the long end, it is rather surprising that neither stocks nor cryptos have reacted.

Occasional Series – Alternative Miss World (AMW)

I have the absolute honour to be in the dance troupe opening and closing AMW tonight at The Globe Theatre on the South Bank.

Andrew Logan started this show as a critique of the objectification of females with the same format as the original Miss World comprising daywear, swimwear, evening wear, and a winner, but reconstructed in a rather more creative, and certainly more camp way.

With a very loyal, cult following, tickets sell out as quickly as they do for Glastonbury, though admittedly the venue size is somewhat smaller.

Tonight, it is the 50th Anniversary. I am proud to have been involved since 1998.

Our dance troupe comprises both professional dancers and many trained dancers. I am neither one of those things, so they stick me at the back.

If you want to experience one of our country’s cultural highlights, whilst also having a giggle as I forget the choreography and get the dance moves back to front, we have a livestream:

See you on the other side.

Curious Cryptos’ Commentary – Curious Cryptos’ Airdrop Circular (CCAC)

For subscribers to the CCAC - which is provided at no cost to anyone who signs up – it is time to monetise the very first of our free airdrops.

In January 2021, those who took note of the CCAC became the proud owners of 100 STX (Stacks) coins. But ownership and vesting are two different things, as many people who worked in the City during the financial crisis can testify.

Theoretically, at the end of last year, those 100 STX were worth nearly $300, which would have been a pretty good return for the 15 minutes of your time that it took to claim the airdrop.

But it was only recently that you could move your airdrop coins to sell for fiat or exchange for another crypto. Now you can do that, and that is what I will do.

Currently 100 STX can be exchanged for fiat at Coinbase for $31 which is still not a bad return at $120/hour plus the learning experience which is a key benefit of the CCAC. But it isn’t a proper lunch.

My plan is to exchange for ETH at Coinbase rather than sell for fiat. My firmly held view – for what it’s worth – is that ETH 10x from here in the next two to three years, taking the fiat value of this airdrop that took just 15 minutes of your time to over $300.

Now we are talking lunch for two.

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