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27th October 2021 > > Hard data or TA?


A bit of fun with some graphs.

Market Snap

Market Wrap

I am pleased to note that Robinhood – the gambling app for those who have zero understanding of financial markets – has reported that crypto revenues in Q3 dropped 78% compared to Q2.

This is good news for the longer-term health of the crypto market.

Occasional Series – Insulate Britain

Nope, no diversity on display yet.

How is this organisation uniquely immune from deserved criticism given such a blatantly non-inclusive and outrageously non-diverse cohort intent on disrupting other peoples’ lives?

Occasional Series – Novara Media

Claiming a top 50 place for news and political channels in the UK, without warning YouTube had deleted this source of topical topics.

It was never one of my go-to news outlets - political or otherwise - but they certainly have a very well-defined interpretation of current events. I fundamentally support their right to legitimately express their own views of the news cycle.

It is heartening that following a public outcry at this assault on our principles of free speech by YouTube the channel has now been reinstated:

Curious Cryptos’ Commentary – This isn’t technical analysis (TA), it’s much better than that

I think this gives an insight into how a lot of market participants are thinking.

The graph shows price action mapped against Taker Buy Volume across all exchanges.

It is hard to be sure, but it looks like there is a very strong bid at $60k.

Curious Cryptos’ Commentary – And let us enjoy this graph

Posted by a techie, after amending the data without a detailed explanation of those amendments (he isn’t the first to take such a lackadaisical approach to facts and figures), it is still fun to look at.

As TechDev_52 explains:

“After 140 days, a slightly-flattened 2017 fractal continues to predict the day-to-day #BTC price action better than most short-term TA I’ve seen.”

Gosh, I do hope he is right.

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