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24th February 2022 > > Elwood Technologies and Bloomberg.


Elwood Technologies and Bloomberg

Market Snap (at time of writing)

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With a full-scale invasion underway, I couldn’t help but go long Wall Street early this morning. That’s going to be a choppy position.

Techies will be out full of doom-mongering with that overnight move in BTC, conveniently ignoring the fact that graphs and charts mean nothing when a psychopath like Putin starts a war.

Curious Cryptos’ Commentary – Elwood Technologies and Bloomberg

Alan Howard, a hedge fund billionaire, owns a crypto-focussed technology firm Elwood Technologies. Elwood trades cryptos for both its own account as well as offering a trading platform to institutional clients. This platform gives access to liquidity pools – presumably public and private – as well as settlement and risk management.

Elwood has announced an agreement to integrate this platform with Bloomberg’s Asset and Management Investment Manager.

This is a buy-side order management system used by 15,000 buy-side clients with more than $17 TRILLION in assets under management.

A press officer for Elwood has this to say:

“The integration combines Elwood’s institutional cryptocurrency trading capabilities with Bloomberg’s data, analytics, and workflow tools, enabling the financial institutions and investment managers on the AIM platform to capture and manage their crypto investments alongside the rest of their portfolio for a unified investment process”.

This product will be offered to clients in the second quarter of 2022.

Initiatives like this simplify and streamline the adoption of cryptos by institutions, speeding up the process for cryptos to become an accepted and significant part of all investment portfolios.

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