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18th May 2023 > > Scammers.


Let’s poke a little fun at the naysayers, and possibly the scammers too?

Market Snap (at time of writing)

Market Wrap

For XRP (Ripple) enthusiasts June 6th looks like it might be an important day, for it is scheduled as the deadline for releasing unredacted Hinman documents.

This day will be important for all other crypto supporters too, as it might challenge the SEC’s (Securities and Exchange Commission) authority, or it may reinforce it.

One should expect to see some interesting volatility before and after we get to finally see the SEC’s internal deliberations about ETH.

Curious Cryptos’ Commentary - memetastic

Which nicely segues into this one:

Curious Cryptos’ Commentary – Scammers

On a regular basis I am contacted on WhatsApp by feral scammers (almost certainly working for the WPK but hey socialism is all good right?) with promises of fool proof investment strategies. These usually involve trading futures on BTC and other cryptos, but I guess at some point they might start to think of new ideas.

Much of the content is AI generated from market news, with some input from real people. Those real people are mostly scammers, but I fear that some of them are soon to be scammed.

Inevitably, there is a glamorous assistant who one needs to contact privately to get full details of how to “take advantage” of the opportunities on offer. To do so (*) requires depositing cash into a fake trading website which helps to fund Kim Jong-Un’s desire to destroy the world. And despite what Harriet Baldwin, Chair of the Treasury Committee, would have you believe (see yesterday’s CCC), these types of scams are based only in the centralised fiat world, enabled by fiat bank transfers not cryptos.

I find it incredible that anyone falls for this obvious play. Some stranger contacts you with guarantees of untold riches, but in exchange for the promised land you need to hand over fiat cash first. Yeah right, not for me mate. These feral scumbags simply prey on greed and ignorance.

I do hope they never get hold of Baldwin’s mobile number as I fear for her naivety about these matters.

But if you are ever in any doubt, call them out.

The acid test is simple. If you get removed immediately from the group, it is a scam:

I have many more examples of interactions with feral scammers that are not suitable for a family friendly publication such as the CCC. But boy, you can wind them up for a very long time, which can be fun.

(*) By that I mean take advantage of the investment opportunity, not take advantage of the glamorous assistant who we all know is some short, fat, hairy bloke in a dingy apartment who hasn’t ever changed his underwear and is unfamiliar with the concept of a toothbrush. Probably not your type, definitively not mine.

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