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16th April 2024 > > Hong Kong & Germany.


Potential iPhone vulnerability might put your cryptos assets at risk. Hong Kong approves BTC and ETH spot ETFs. Institutional investors who are demanding custodial solutions for crypto assets get their wish, opening another new avenue of demand for BTC.

Market Snap

Market Wrap

Middle East concerns will cast a shadow over risk markets for a little time.

Occasional Series – Classic techie comment

“As long as BTC stays under $67,900, it’s likely not going to climb much”.

You don’t say.

Curious Cryptos’ Commentary – iPhone warning

“1/2: Alert for iOS users: We have credible intel regarding a high-risk zero-day exploit targeting iMessage on the Dark Web. This can infiltrate your iPhone without clicking any link. High-value targets are likely. Each use raises detection risk.

2/2: Recommended action to guard against this iMessage exploit; disable iMessages ASAP until Apple patches this. Navigate to Settings -> Messages -> toggle iMessage off. Maintain this precaution until Apple issues a security patch. Your security is our priority.”

This warning has come from TrustWallet but can affect all hot wallets stored on your iPhone. Get a Ledger Nano …

Curious Cryptos’ Commentary – Hong Kong

The Hong Kong authorities yesterday approved a number of BTC and ETH spot ETFs. The sponsors of these ETFs have not declared a timeline to launch, but I suspect they will be keen to crack on as quickly as possible. Angela Ang, though no longer employed by the Hong Kong regulator, probably retains strong political connections:

"Hong Kong's approval of the spot Ether ETFs comes ahead of a US decision, and is a significant milestone in Hong Kong's journey to become a leading crypto hub."

Billions of dollars of Chinese investment money are heading cryptos’ way.

Curious Cryptos’ Commentary – More crypto adoption

The benefits of the EU’s global leadership in crypto regulation, embodied as MiCA, is about to start producing tax dollars for the benefit of EU governments.

LBBW is the largest bank in the cohort of federal Landesbanks. If the structure of the German banking industry continues to confuse you, don’t worry. There are bankers with decades of experience working in the markets who have yet to come to terms with the uniqueness of Germany in this particular regard.

LBBW has announced it is launching a crypto custody service for its institutional clients in partnership with Bitpanda, based in Austria, focussed initially on BTC and ETH:

Dr Jürgen Harengel, COO Corporate Bank at LBBW explains:

"The demand from our corporate customers for digital assets is increasing. We are convinced that crypto assets will establish themselves as a building block for further business models. With this cooperation, we are creating the technical and regulatory basis at an early stage to best support the individual crypto strategies of our corporate customers."

This initiative is driven by client demands.

Crypto adoption continues to grow daily, adding more fuel to the demand fire.

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