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2nd December 2021 > > Matrix NFTs part 2.

Updated: May 8, 2022


The imminent launch of Matrix NFTs attracts scammers and amateurs alike.

Market Snap

Market Wrap

Over indebted countries cannot afford to pay for interest rate rises to curb consumer inflation.

On an entirely separate subject, if western governments continue to overreact to yet another COVID variant, then there is one upside. More lockdowns will have a deadening effect on consumer demand.

Occasional Series – Californian

As frequently demonstrated by the Sussexes, residents of California do use the same words as us, but the way in which they use them makes the message indecipherable to non-Californians.

Clearly the virus that causes this affliction takes hold almost instantly one steps across the state border. I dare not go there in case it is a permanent illness, rather than one that can be shrugged off with a few hot toddys and a couple of days in bed for the fit and healthy.

Adele has clearly been on holiday with the Sussexes, talking about “turning up to yourself every single day”.

You see. We recognise the words, but no-one has a clue what she means.

Curious Cryptos’ Commentary – Some scams around Matrix NFTs

Scammers love events like the Matrix NFTs we discussed yesterday.

Here are just some of the scams.

i) Collections of “Matrix NFTs” being sold on Opensea prior to official launch.

ii) Individuals “selling” their place in the queue to buy.

iii) "Owners” selling their “recently purchased” NFTs outside of the official marketplace.

iv) Messages claiming that “Alt-F5” jumps you up the queue. No it doesn’t, that closes your web browser and when you join again you will be at the back of the queue. Loads of people fell for that one.

And this screenshot from a fake support channel:

As always, poor grammar, poor spelling, and poor punctuation should be considered as red flags.

There are several of those in the screen shot above.

All native English speakers should be very pleased they are in such a privileged position.

This scammer will have your MetaMask private keys from the “required information” and/or the QR code. Anyone falling for this will lose the entire contents of their MetaMask wallet.

I do like the simplicity of “nah fam”. Good on you fella.

Curious Cryptos’ Commentary – Loads of idiots around Matrix NFTs

In the same way that greed allows scammers to flourish, greed gets some people involved who really shouldn’t be.

You don’t need a lot of knowledge to be able to buy NFTs. But you need a bit. I paraphrase some of the questions asked in Discord in the final few hours leading up to launch:

i) What is the Palm network?

ii) What is the difference between Palm and Ethereum?

iii) What price has been decided to sell after buying?

iv) How much are these worth?

v) Why can’t I buy yet (just below the oft repeated announcement that the launch time is still hours away)?

vi) How do I set up an account on Nifty’s?

vii) How do I connect my wallet?

viii) What are NFTs?

ix) What is the Matrix? (*)

x) Can I use BTC?

xi) Can I use ETH?

I could go on.

These people should not be involved for their own benefit, not least because they are the number one target for the scammers discussed above.

(*) OK I made up question number ix) but you get my drift.

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