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2nd April 2022 > > Twitter phishing scam.


More phishing scams aimed at NFTs – beef up MetaMask by using the security afforded by Ledger Nano.

Market Snap (at time of writing)

Market Wrap

Markets just treading water, with cryptos displaying some absolutely normal volatility.

Occasional Series – BTC price predictions we all enjoy

The CCC ridiculous price prediction of $1.2mm per BTC in 2-4 years (see CCC additional report 5th February 2021) has been well and truly trounced by none other that VanEck, an investment firm that has made several applications – all so far rejected – to launch the very first BTC ETF (exchange traded fund) in the US.

Musing on the possibility that BTC becomes the global reserve asset (music to the ears of those who wish to see the end of USD hegemony) the upper end of their prediction is $4.8mm per BTC.

Keep stacking those sats!

Curious Cryptos’ Commentary – Twitter phishing scam

Early in March the Bored Ape Yacht Club launched an airdrop of ApeCoin tokens for holders of Bored and Mutant Ape NFTs:

Over the course of the last week several Twitter accounts were hacked and subsequently used to tweet out links to a phishing site. The fake tweets promised a further airdrop, an offer that some people could not refuse.

Unsuspecting victims were asked to cough up 0.33 ETH (approximately $1,000). After making this payment from their web wallet, malicious code gave the attackers control over the wallet allowing them to steal various NFTs.

Blockchain analytics company Elliptic claims that at least 35 NFTs worth over $900k have been stolen.

Module 2 of our free online training course ( looks at various crypto scams and hacks, several of which relate to the use of web wallets.

One of the most popular web wallets is MetaMask. Module 1.11 explains how to set up MetaMask.

However, as a web wallet MetaMask has the usual drawbacks of all online “hot” wallets, except for one very specific situation. MetaMask can be set up to work with a Ledger Nano, our recommended crypto storage solution.

Module 1.12 explains how this is done in practice.

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