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28th November 2021 > > Technical analysis.


Another repetitive dig at technical analysis (TA).

Market Snap

Market Wrap

Weekend stocks are weak, setting us up for a big fall when the real exchanges open in Asia later today. Big buying opportunity Tuesday or Wednesday is what I am thinking.

Occasional Series – Dr. Chloe’s Party

Tip top night. Thanks, Chloe.

Occasional Series – Omicron

Now it has inevitably arrived in the UK can we all stop pretending that banning international travel makes any difference at all?

Face masks, bog off. They are plain evil. Pingdemic? Just don’t get the app. Self-isolate after returning to the UK? What, you mean after travelling home on the train, tube, and bus? Get real.

On the upside, Professor Lockdown Ferguson has been mercifully quiet. Long may that continue.

Curious Cryptos’ Commentary – Technical Analysis (TA)

It is extraordinary. The sell-off due entirely to COVID concerns has got the techies all excited.

What utter nonsense. The world is always an uncertain place, but Omicron has brought a whole new level of uncertainty due to the likelihood that politicians will dramatically overreact once again.

No chart can ever give you an insight into what further restrictions may or may not be placed on our liberties.

Not that I will take any notice of any mooted restrictions. I suspect I will not be alone.

Moving on, one techie has this insight for us:

“Accumulating BTC at … $53k to $50 might be favourable”.

With the current price higher than that range the use of the word “might” suggests he doesn’t have a clue.

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