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24th January 2022 > > The Metaverse.


A dark look into the Metaverse.

Market Snap (at time of writing)

Market Wrap

All risk asset sell offs in the last decade have tended to be short-lived, with rapid snapbacks as investors relied upon Governments to continue to buy assets regardless of market conditions or the economic outlook.

Now that quantitative easing is finally coming to an end, in the US at least, the chief concern is whether investors refuse to take up the slack. The answer is unclear, but caution is advised.

Advocates of DCA (dollar-cost averaging) are thoroughly enjoying themselves.

Curious Cryptos’ Commentary – the Metaverse

Dinesh Sivakumar Padmavathi, 24, and his fiancée Janaganandhini Ramaswamy, 23, are to hold a virtual wedding on February 6th in the Metaverse.

My first reaction to such a story would be one of miscomprehension that anyone could be so narcissistic and self-absorbed to try to garner enough PR that the hoped-for virtual 5,000 guests will materialise.

But sometimes I need to put away my sceptical hat – lockdown restrictions in the state of Tamil Nadu prevent any guests from attending in person. A wedding with no guests is usually far from the ideal scenario.

Dinesh explains:

“I know couples have been getting married on Zoom but I wanted to go further and be the first to have my reception inside the Metaverse . I also wanted to introduce the Metaverse to Indians.”

Curious Cryptos’ Commentary – the Metaverse II

Meanwhile a reporter from The Times described in a lengthy article on Saturday January 22md 2022 her personal experience of the Metaverse. The link is here, and it is worth a read:

The article starts with this headline:

This is of course just one person’s experience, but I think we can be confident she is not unique to that experience.

And so the Metaverse follows in the footsteps of all digital, social interactions, right back to the earliest bulletin boards.

Reserve Treasury Protocols (before they all go to zero)

Reminder – Olympus and Wonderland are, to the best of my knowledge, live viable projects. XEUS, FORT and JADE turned out to be scams, though they are still live scams. Scams are not uncommon in these Wild West fringes of Decentralised Finance (DeFi).

Photon appears to have won the prize for being the most extraordinary scam. In under 18 hours it went to zero. And as far as I can tell – and I am no blockchain analytics expert – they walked away with less than $30k.

It is very upsetting we have scumbags like that around.

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