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20th March 2023 - Cheeky.


A cheeky story and an apology.

Market Snap

Market Wrap

The US Fed has moved from offering other dollar swap lines to other Central Banks from a weekly to a daily basis:

Given the current stress in the banking system, one should expect more dollars to be circulating, giving another leg up for all dollar denominated assets.

I am hopeful that I will be reporting a breach of $30k in the near future.

Curious Cryptos’ Airdrop Circular No. 7

Our latest Airdrop Circular was published and distributed yesterday to those who have subscribed to this additional free service provided by the research team here at CCC Towers.

Curious Cryptos’ Commentary – A touch cheeky perhaps?

ParaSpace – crypto and NFT staking platform – was hacked on March 17th.

The attack was spotted by BlockSec who ingeniously used the same exploit to rescue the 2,900 ETH (approximately $5mm) from the hacker to return to ParaSpace, who will pay a 5% bounty to BlockSec.

The hacker has sent a message to BlockSec stating:

“hey man, I am the one who made the contract you just copied, I couldn’t make it work for a stupid gas fee estimation error, since I lost a lot of money trying to make it work, it would be cool to get at least some of them back … best of luck”.


Curious Cryptos’ Commentary – Apologies …

… for the shortness of today’s missive, but I am just too busy watching the screen price of BTC to do anything else.

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