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30th November 2021 > > Covid variant related cryptos.


Just for fun, a quick rundown of coins that follow on from Omicron in the Greek alphabet.

Market Snap

Market Wrap

Stocks hit by the news that new vaccines may be required. This is not new news – the flu vaccine is reengineered every year.

But rational investors know that those in government and their advisors seem clueless at all times.

No-one would be shocked to find out that the need for regular new vaccines has come as a complete surprise to the political elite. The consistent knee jerk overreaction is going to damage the economy and result in more health problems than those caused simply by COVID.

At least Joe Biden is talking sense.

Occasional Series – New German COVID regulations

The German Euthanasia Association has banned anyone not vaccinated from accessing services for assisted suicide. Not sure they have thought that one through.

Curious Cryptos’ Commentary – Very brief rundown of cryptos named after the Greek alphabet

Obviously, this list is starting immediately after Omicron (see yesterday’s CCC). Note some of the figures quoted will be out of date by the time you read this.

This is simply an exercise of interest – by no means is this an encouragement to buy anything.

Pi (Pi network)

Apparently in development, this is a coin that allows you to “mine” on your phone. The app is apparently live, but the website is NOT secure.

The concept of having an app on my phone that is mining suggests to me that it is simply mining my data for nefarious purposes. I am going to ignore this one.

Pi (alternatively known as PChain or Plian)

Market cap of $10mm with daily volume around $299k. Pi is a “native multichain system with EVM support”.

Trading at around a cent, has live markets vs USDT and BTC.

RHO (Rhinos Finance)

Priced at $5.5e-9 this is a tiny coin with a market cap of half a million dollars.

Rhinos is a blockchain based game involving breeding and battling RINOs. Available on PancakeSwap vs WBNB.


Market cap of $4.5mm but daily trading volume a lowly $100k on Uniswap vs WETH. Price is around 40c.

The team claim they are a blockchain research lab whose main product now is an NFT marketplace.

TAU (Lamden)

Market cap of $13mm with daily volume of $700k. Priced at 15c this is down nearly 90% since the high of 1st November 2021.

TAU is a layer 1 blockchain with the objective of simplifying the process of creating and launching dApps, of which there are a handful now on this chain including an NFT website, games and a DEX.

Trades mostly on Bibox of which I have never heard before. The alternative is PancakeSwap vs


Upsilon – none


Market cap of less than 1mm with virtually no secondary market at all. “The Rock Trading” platform (no, nor me either) quotes it at 15c.

Their stated ambition is “A DeFi project to merge traditional finance with Crypto Assets”, which is hardly unique. I will pass on this one too.

CHI – as in Xi – I don’t think the WHO with a Marxist at its head will name a variant after the Chinese genocidal ruler

PSI (Passive Income)

No information on market cap and very small trading volumes, PancakeSwap is providing liquidity vs WNBN at $200.

This is a coin that earns daily interest, but I can’t find any other use case for it, so there can be no justification for getting involved.

OMEGA (Omega)

No market cap and 24-hour trading volume of $2.45 on some very dodgy looking exchanges.

This might be a layer 1 blockchain but I cannot be sure. Again, no use case justification that I am aware of, but if you find one, I would be delighted to hear about it.

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