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15th January 2022 > > Birthday party!

Updated: Apr 1, 2022


DJ line-up for my 50th (ish) birthday party.

Market Snap (at time of writing)

Curious Cryptos’ Commentary – Party Time!

I have several excuses in the bag for a party.

First up, resident, and real Australians are arriving in their droves. GD and Nats are over, with a surprise and very welcome guest appearance from the CCC in-house techie Larry.

Added to which my 55th birthday is on Monday, making a party all but obligatory.

For clarity tonight is actually going to be my 50th birthday celebration.

All CCC readers are most welcome to join in the fun. DJ line-up is as follows:

9pm-11pm Dynamic Duo Robin & Monty

1am-5am SlipMatt Simon of Abstract Radio (

5am-7am Stuey from Elusive Wax (

Sunrise Set yours truly


Equus House

66 Barbauld Road

London N16 0ST

Bring good cheer and beer!

Reserve Treasury Protocols (before they all go to zero)

Reminder – Olympus and Wonderland are, to the best of my knowledge, live viable projects. XEUS, FORT and JADE turned out to be scams, though they are still live scams. Scams are not uncommon in these Wild West fringes of Decentralised Finance (DeFi).

Photon appears to have won the prize for being the most extraordinary scam. In under 18 hours it went to zero. And as far as I can tell – and I am no blockchain analytics expert – they walked away with less than $30k.

It is very upsetting we have scumbags like that around.

Open positions:

Closed positions:

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