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11th February 2023 > > Paris Hilton.


Politics, dating Paris Hilton, and mysteries of the world. Which one are you most interested in?

Market Snap

Market Wrap

There you go, a couple of days of marginal weakness and the leveraged children are back in town, as shown by the perpetual futures funding rates indicating too many shorts. As we all know, this scenario – if it persists, or becomes more pronounced – increases the risk of a short squeeze higher, and potentially limits the downside if there is negative macro or micro news. Sounds good to me – financial pain for naysayers always puts a smile on my face.

Occasional Series – The CCC is always and forever more fiercely apolitical

As everyone knows the CCC is fiercely apolitical. It says it in the title, right?

But it is impossible to drag politics out of the crypto revolution, the reasons for which we are all so painfully aware.

The CCC has been very enthusiastic about the EU’s mature and responsible attitude towards crypto regulation and legislation. Despite some vocal doubters, this is not because of a pro-EU bias, and certainly not a democracy denying anti-Brexit bias, within the CCC editorial team.

Our team encompasses a plethora of views, political and social.

Our collective appreciation of the EU’s attitude towards cryptos specifically is simply a recognition of facts that transcend the political sphere, and our hard-working researchers would be aghast at being called remoaners based on this narrow charge.

But - whilst we are on this subject - there is a simple and clear answer to resolve anyone’s ongoing angst or otherwise about Brexit.

Cast your vote for a party that reflects your pro- or anti-Brexit stance. If it’s that important to other people, they will do likewise.


In entirely unconnected news, the West Lancashire by-election on Thursday 9th February 2023 returned a vote of less than 11% for parties focused on Brexit, and a whopping 89% for parties who have meaningfully moved on from that debate to pastures new.

No-one – except for the Twitterati elite and other social media demons – could possibly be surprised by this news.

End of.

Let us all now focus on the things that really matter.

Curious Cryptos’ Commentary – The metaverse

Or as imagined by acclaimed actress Paris Hilton:

A sort of dating site embedded in Sandbox, what could possibly go wrong?

Curious Cryptos’ Commentary – Milk Road does it again

Sign up directly, or let them know I am a fan too:

Curious Cryptos’ Commentary – It is easy to answer … … the last of those pictorial conundrums.

Anyone who tried to trade internet stocks both before and after the millennium would have been better off just holding, or not being involved. One or t’other is all.

Same with cryptos.

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