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11th December 2023 > > TA & Harpie.


Technical analysis of the overnight drop. Harpie is another must-get Web3 security tool.

Market Snap

Market Wrap

That’s a move for you! Those leveraged long children got closed out quickly, but some have started to come back in again. A 10% drop in price is historically not much to shout about, but in the context of 2023, it is an outsized move. What this does show is that even with fundamental news (probably) on the way soon, the leveraged effect can never be ignored, in contrast to my optimism that this time might be different.

Curious Cryptos’ Commentary – Technical analysis

Resident in-house technical analyst Larry shares his thoughts on this move with us:

“The exact midpoint between the BTC ATH and the following low is $42,298.25. Most commentators call the midpoint at around $42,400.

If BTC closes Monday below that point, we’re going down to $37k. Above and we continue up towards $48k.

Right now, after the flash crash, BTC volatility has collapsed completely and BTC is at $42,430 ish (now sub $41k).

Epic bulls vs. bears.

I’m betting up.”

There’s a few more hours until the U.S. close. Will $40k prove a resilient enough barrier?

Curious Cryptos’ Commentary – Harpie

Harpie is another tool protecting your crypto assets from potential scammers:

This app will run a health check on your wallet, highlighting any permissions that are still open that you may wish to revoke.

It also has an inbuilt Transaction Firewall:

“Every time you send a transaction, Harpie runs security checks on your transaction before forwarding it to the blockchain. If we detect activity that could put your wallet in danger, we'll alert you and put your transaction on hold.”

As another freebie to add to the Fire app, you would be foolish not to try it out.

As a reminder, best practice for interacting with DeFi involves at least these steps:

- A wallet you have specifically designated for DeFi which does not store your long-term bags.

- Keep crypto balances in this wallet to a bare minimum when not in use (providing liquidity is the obvious exception to this rule).

- Transfer just the right amount of crypto to this wallet for when you want to use DeFi protocols.

- Store your NFTs in a different wallet. If you sell an NFT, transfer it to your DeFi wallet first – don’tn put the rest of your collection at risk of theft.

- Connect Harpie to your DeFi wallet only.

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