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10th February 2022 > > The CCC is always apolitical.

Updated: Mar 4, 2022

Market Snap (at time of writing)

Market Wrap

Leveraged open interest is in the danger zone with a strong skew towards the short side. There is considerable risk of a short squeeze higher into $47k or above on any positive market moving news. Do NOT be short here.

Curious Cryptos’ Commentary – A note for future reference Part 1

For clarity, I quote Binance perp rates and OI as market indicators. I am not an advertising vehicle for Binance, as much of my previous commentary would attest.

The CCC’s ambition is simply to educate.

We will never monetise the free resource we give to our very diversified audience.

We will not sell your data. We will never use your data for any purpose other than to inform and educate you personally.

Every member of the CCC team signs up to this uncompromisingly libertarian and educational approach to the crypto world.

Curious Cryptos’ Commentary – A note for future reference Part 2

We all need to earn a living.

The CCC will be going forward with educational projects and innovative NFTs that will earn a little recompense for all the hard work that goes on behind the scenes of my daily ramblings.

Those ambitions have zero impact on your daily CCC. I will always be there for you.

Hats off to Nick, Robin, Lewis, Dominic, Larry, Matthew, Yuliia and Janey, for all their support, work, input, and - most importantly – the love they give to the CCC.

This is nothing without you.

2022 is going to be the most exciting year ever.

Reserve Treasury Protocols (before they all go to zero)

Reminder – Olympus and Wonderland are, to the best of my knowledge, live viable projects. XEUS, FORT and JADE turned out to be scams, though they are still live scams. Scams are not uncommon in these Wild West fringes of Decentralised Finance (DeFi).

Point of order – a staunch and loyal supporter of the CCC has asked that I make clear that it is only my belief that JADE is a scam. The project is still very much alive, and there is a wide body of opinion that does not concur with my view. I am very happy to make this point – the CCC believes that consenting adults are allowed to have different opinions on a wide range of topics.

Photon appears to have won the prize for being the most extraordinary scam. In under 18 hours it went to zero. And as far as I can tell – and I am no blockchain analytics expert – they walked away with less than $30k.

It is very upsetting we have scumbags like that around.

Open positions:

Closed positions:

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